Building software is easy. The hard part starts before the first line of code is written. To determine the right solution for you, we first need to understand your specific needs and business context. That is how we ensure that projects we take on have a high rate of return for your business’s bottom line.

Business owners, CEOs, COOs, and CTOs all mainly approach us with the same problem: ‘An “off-the-shelf software” only addresses one issue but doesn’t meet all of my needs.’ Therefore, we’ve helped our partners by developing custom software that fully meets their needs. Now and as they grow.

Our 6-step working process

Today, we partner with businesses to bring our top-notch tech expertise and help them move their businesses forward through technology. To ensure that the individual solutions will fit your needs and work seamlessly with your current environment, we implement our very own 6-step development process. That’s where our partnership shines.

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Our background and expertise

We bring together our business know-how and tech savviness to partner with you from the outset. We only take on projects where we believe we are the right fit. Our business operations experience includes insurance and healthcare, financial services, big tech, logistics, and manufacturing.

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Vasil, our lead advisor, and owner, is looking forward to speaking with you and learning more about your specific needs. He has extensive experience in application development, financial services, business strategy, and operations consulting.

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